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Couple therapy and couple coaching for young parents

Let's take care!

How to strengthen and maintain your couple relationship after the birth


The birth of a child represents a major change in the relationship dynamics for couples. On the one hand, having a child together can strengthen the couple's bond. On the other hand, the birth of a child can be very challenging for the couple and both individuals. Many couples separate within the first year after childbirth or a few years later.

Why is nurturing relationships important for young parents?

Challenges for the couple relationship after childbirth:

  • New or changed role distribution

  • Allocation of new tasks and obligations

  • Lack of sleep and fluctuating hormone levels

  • Little to hardly any time together

  • More conflicts

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Let's take care!

You don't have to go through this challenging time alone . As a couples therapist and coach, I would be happy to support you in cultivating and strengthening your couple relationship.


In Berlin or flexibly online.

When is couples therapy useful?

You don't even have to wait for a major crisis to decide on couples therapy or couples coaching. External support can be helpful at any time to achieve mutual understanding and to find a relaxed and appreciative relationship as a couple and parents.

Do you have any further questions about my offer?hereyou will find frequently asked questions and answers. In addition, you are welcome to tell me about thatcontact formto write.

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