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...because heroes grow together

Nice that you're here!

I'm glad you browsed Heroes for Heroes and chose me as your coach. You followed your first impulse and listened to your heart to seek support now. You have taken an important first step. Because only by trying out new ways can we create change. You want to give your life a new direction and I am happy to be able to accompany you on your way.

Your Marlene

I can support you with this:


I support you in strengthening your self-esteem and standing up for your own needs and limits.

dealing with conflicts

I will accompany you to understand your communication strategies and feelings and to find a better way to deal with them.

Creating fulfilling relationships

I support you in recognizing your attachment patterns and creating relationships that feel good for you.

That's why I'm a hero:

As a young person, I found it particularly challenging to have a fulfilling relationship with myself and others. This is mostly because I didn't learn how to create a healthy relationship. That's why I would have wished for a hero at my side early on to support me.


I am a hero because I want to accompany you in creating loving and equal relationships with yourself and others. No challenge is too small to seek support. I'm happy to support you.

How does the Hero Coaching process work?

Step 1:

Just write me a message using the contact form . Please indicate that you are a hero and how old you are. We will then make an appointment for a short introductory meeting. During the interview you have the opportunity to tell me about your concerns and to ask questions.

Step 2:

After getting to know each other, we make an appointment for the actual coaching. The coaching takes place online via video call and lasts 60 minutes. For the video call, I will send you a link in good time before the appointment, which you can use to participate in the coaching.

Step 3:

We meet at the agreed time using the video call link sent to you. You should have an undisturbed, quiet room and a stable internet connection for our conversation. Then you can start!


If you are not yet of legal age, I need your parents' consent so that you can work with me. You can download the declaration of consent here and have it signed by your parents.

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